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AWG – American wire gauge

Will REACh regulations mean the end of the line for cadmium?

On 20th June 2013 the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) published the latest list of substances of very high concern. In this update six new substances were added to the list, including cadmium (7440-43-9) which is still used today in a number of applications in the cable industry.  REACh therefore now imposes a requirement on suppliers to inform and notify customers regarding the use of cadmium.  In the long term in all applications cadmium will be replaced by other materials.

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Cadmium – end of the line


At LEONI, we use two different types of copper (Cu) for electrical conductors:

  • ETP Cu (Copper electrolytic tough pitch, i.e. containing oxygen)
  • OFHC Cu (oxygen-free copper) for special applications

What are the differences between these two materials and which applications are they used for?

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EMAS validation at LEONI

Following j-fiber (Jena) in 1999, LEONI Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH (Rastatt) in 2007 and LEONI Kerpen GmbH (Stolberg) in 2012, LEONI’s wire operations in Weißenburg, Bad Kötzting and Roth have also acquired the EMAS validation.

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Flex Life

“Flex Life” – in German “Biegewechselfestigkeit” (bend strength) – describes a quality that is becoming increasingly important in the field of automation technology and many other industrial situations. The results that we have obtained from a series of experiments put us in a position to help you decide which alloy is most suited to your application, thereby possibly giving you a competitive advantage through the extended operational life of your products.

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Flex Life

New rod breakdown machine in Weißenburg

The period since September 2013 has been marked by a lot of construction work at our Weißenburg plant. We have commissioned our new rod breakdown machine, which is currently undergoing comprehensive quality checks. With the full-load operation starting in April, the machine will produce various types of redraw material for both our Weißenburg and Bad Kötzting factories.

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Rod breakdown

Measuring plating thicknesses with the MetaScope 3 using the coulometric principle

Determining the exact plating thickness of metal coated copper and copper alloy wires is not just essential for Quality Control, but can also bring commercial advantages. The MetaScope 3 and the coulometric process will allow you to ascertain the exact thickness of silver, nickel or tin plating on your wires.

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MetaScope 3


The label “miniaturised“ is attached to copper-based electrical conductors featuring a single-wire diameter of 0.05 mm or lower. They are mainly used in signal cables and data cables. Manufacturing miniaturised conductors poses a particular challenge.

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New member in our product range:
Electrical conductors made of pure nickel

The LEONI Draht GmbH has extended its product range by a well-established base material, i.e. by adding on wires and strands made of pure nickel.

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Pure nickel

New silver-plating line geared towards premium quality

It has been in operation at our Weißenburg plant since autumn 2012: our new state-of-the-art machine for silver-plating copper wires and copper-based alloys.

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Space mission:
Resistant, lightweight and long-lasting – conductors for aircraft and aerospace applications

Extreme temperature fluctuations in space make great demands on conductors. This area of application requires special solutions which provide a high degree of safety and reliability.

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Space wire

27 % nickel-plated copper (NPC)

Nickel plating is applied to wire products due to its excellent corrosion resistance properties and in particular, its durability and stability at extremes of  temperatures. Of significant importance, and a speciality product of LEONI Temco Ltd. in the UK, is 27 % nickel-plated copper (NPC) – which provides unsurpassed levels of performance. 

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27 % nickel-plated copper

State-of-the-art tin-plating line in Weißenburg sets new benchmark

The commissioning of a state-of-the-art tin-plating line represents LEONI’s next step in expanding its competence center for drawing and plating at its Weißenburg operation.

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