Braids: Contured, braided copper tapes

Fabric tapes, braided into a tube and then flat-rolled.


    • Earthing straps
    • Connectors
    • Electrotechnical components

    Particular benefits for our customers

    • Moulded with straight edges
    • Adjustable degree of compaction, with cross-section remaining unchanged
    • Easy combination of different cross-sections laid on top of each other (modular system)
    • Very high degree of dimensional accuracy
    • Improved weldability in automated processes
    • Very close tolerances

      Manufacturing range

      • Materials: Cu-ETP1 and Cu-OF1
        LEONI Histral® alloys upon request
      • Coating: bare, tin-plated, nickel-plated and silver-plated
      • Variations: hard or soft annealed
      • Single-wire diameter: ranging from Ø 0.05 mm to Ø 0.40 mm
      • Cross-section: ranging from 25 mm2 to 120 mm2

      Specific needs

      You need special designs and products for your applications?

      Our in-house construction department is your development partner!

       Please contact us


      Dimensions width
      from - to
      Dimensions thickness
      from - to
      251.8 - 4.09.0 - 20.0
      503.5 - 6.013.0 - 24.0
      1004.0 - 7.521.0 - 42.0
      1205.0 - 8.523.0 - 46.0

      Schaltschrank-Bild aus CS-Katalog Seite 21


      • On reels
      • In rings

      Packaging information

      “No pollutants” policy

      All materials we use to make single wire are absolutely compliant with RoHS, thus corresponding to EG regulation 2011/65/EU. (See article “Cadmium – end of the line").

      In response to inquiries made, we can confirm that our products do not contain any minerals that originate from regions of conflict. They are in full accordance with the American Dodd-Frank-Act.


      Other diameters and materials upon request may be found.

      Sales department

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